What to bring for your tax return?

If you are a new client, please, bring the copy of 2009 tax return.

Here is our checklist to help you make ready your documents regarging your income and deductions.

Items Documents Remarks
Salary or Wage W-2 From your employers
Interest income 1099-INT From your banks including overseas interest
Dividends 1099-DIV From your brokers or companies
Partner's or Shareholder's share K-1 From Partnership or S-Coporation
Independent contractor's income 1099-MISC List and amount of expenses in detail
Unemployment compensation / Tax refund 1099-G From EDD, State
Retirement plan 1099-R 401k rollover, Pension, Social security
Gain/loss from stock Broker statements All information about selling and purchasing securites
ESPP or Stock option All statements from employers and brokers Grant date & price/Exercise date & price/Sale date & price

Items Documents Remarks
Medical expenses Receipts from hospitals and pharmacies Including Health and Long-term care insurance premium
Mortgage interest paid Form 1098 From banks and mortgage lenders
Property tax Bills or payment records Paid to county
Car registration Bills or payment records Paid to DMV
Cash or Non-cash donation Receipts or letters or other records From charitable institutions, churches and schools
Employee business expenses Bills and payments records Job related expenses not reimbursed by employers
Education expenses Form 1098-T From educational institutions
Day Care Expenses Bills and payments records Day care business name, EIN, Address, Phone number and amount paid